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Navigating the path to digital transformation can be difficult- it’s tough to know where to start, what technology to use or how to integrate it into existing enterprise operations smoothly – that’s where Prodigy Labs can help. We work with clients at all stages of their transformation journey – from inception and strategy to delivery and execution – our teams develop and integrate cutting-edge solutions into operations quickly and effectively.

So, whether you’re just starting your transformation journey, or need assistance with the next step in your evolution, our team of experts delivers innovative results that position our clients as industry leaders.

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Package and “a la carte” services to solve transformation challenges

No two projects are alike, so we offer a wide variety of package and a la carte services that satisfy every assignment.


Capitalize on the latest technology with Prodigy technology solutions.

IT Product Advisory

Sound innovative solutions, thanks to our constant evaluation and integration of new technologies.


We design and implement solutions that ensure total success.

Legacy Modernization

Sustained technology leadership ensures that our clients master change for years to come.

Business Process Transformation

Speed execution and reduce costs while ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration.

Our Technology Services experts provide a wide array of services which include:

We can help you quickly integrate

Intelligent Testing

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Google Cloud Platform

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Embracing digital technology provides a competitive edge.

With the introduction of digital identity and payment platforms, organizations are embracing the transformation to digital technology. At Prodigy Labs, we can help. Our Digital Transformation experts assist clients at all stages of their transformation journey by providing a full suite of service options to suit each organization’s unique needs. From Project Management, Platform Migration, Architecture and Engineering, Integration, Intelligent Testing and DevOps, to Google Cloud Platform Enablement, we’re the team that delivers timely, efficient, proven results that ensure our client’s industry leadership.

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Trust the team who leads the industry in Digital Identity and Digital Payment solutions for your next Digital Transformation project. Our expertise and hands-on experience drive the successful delivery of integrated solutions.

Intelligent Testing

Improve integration and reduce costs by infusing quality into every step of the project

Prodigy’s Intelligent Testing team integrates both quality control and quality assurance into every step of a project development framework, which drastically improves integration and roll-out timelines, while significantly reducing costs.

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Google Cloud Enablement

Big-picture solutions enable clients to transition quickly, safely and effectively to cloud environments

As exclusive Google Cloud Platform experts, we ensure the rapid, safe, and secure transition of data to robust, cloud-enabled environments.

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