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A well-developed and exceptionally well-executed open banking strategy is a valuable asset in financial services. It allows financial services companies to boost their service offerings, improve client engagement, and build new digital experiences and revenue opportunities across multiple channels.

A good Open Banking strategy produces a resilient future proof financial service company with speed to market and agility of delivery built-in.

A great Open Banking strategy produces monetized services that allow the financial services company to derive new value from previously undiscovered or inaccessible sources of revenue, realize exceptional cost savings, and fortify and grow their client base.

An exceptional open banking strategy leverages technology to accelerate the delivery of open banking APIs and the integration of FinTech solutions.

Prodigy Labs believes that digital transformation is all about providing the freedom to explore and experiment quickly with new products, new markets, new channels, and new service offerings. Through the Prodigy FinConecta Alliance, Prodigy is accelerating digital transformation by providing the rapid adoption of open banking standards and quick integration of leading FinTech solutions powered by FinConecta’s industry-leading 4wrd platform.

FinConecta is a technology company that brings together digital solutions and businesses in the financial world and beyond. Their platform, 4wrd, accelerates digital transformation and Open Banking, facilitating different use cases and new business opportunities.

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Accelerate time-to-value with the FinConecta 4wrd platform and Prodigy Labs’ open banking services

Realizing the promise of open banking isn't just about technology. It's about building and enabling a culture of innovation. The more transformations we have supported the clearer the common challenges have become. With the 4wrd platform from FinConecta the technology supporting open banking becomes easier.

Understanding and realizing the value provided by the technology and preparing an organization for the process and people change is where things get challenging. This is where Prodigy Labs' Open Banking Services focuses.

The Prodigy FinConecta Alliance brings the best open banking technology and professional services together to accelerate adoption of open banking standards and the ability to leverage new functionality.