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Intelligent Testing delivers outstanding efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Enhance productivity

and reduce costs

with Intelligent Testing

Prodigy Lab’s Intelligent Testing team delivers true end-to-end quality engineering services. Our Shift Left philosophy challenges traditional quality assurance methodology and implements Intelligent Testing throughout the entire digital value chain.  With new engineering practices, process changes, and automation approaches that are adopted early in the project, our Shift Left philosophy improves quality, reduces time to market, and drastically enhances productivity, delivering effective results quickly and economically.

Capitalize on significant savings by having Intelligent Testing in your organization’s work flow.

Quality control and assurance is built into every step of project development

Our Intelligent Testing experts offer a wide variety of quality management services to suit each project’s unique needs. With quality built into every step of the process, our clients rely on Prodigy to deliver exceptional end-to-end project results.

When it just has to be right

Our Test Engineering and Delivery experts focus on new project execution to improve, manage, control and transform software deliveries, and can also “rescue” existing programs that are not delivering as expected.

Next-Gen Service Packages and Automated DevOps Pipelines Deliver Results

Choose the Service Package that’s right for your firm and transform testing by pushing automation boundaries, and evolving automation capabilities to leverage the benefits of quality on your next project.

Your Trusted Advisors for Solution Selection, Implementation, and Integration

Our Technology Advisors are experts in the evaluation and delivery of quality tooling assessments, usage optimization, road mapping, and organizational roll-outs to your firm always gets optimized solutions.

Quick, effective quality integration

Our Intelligent Testing experts complete quality verification throughout all stages of a project to ensure that any potential issues are caught and corrected immediately. This attention to detail ensures that issues don’t cascade or create significant problems downstream. With a keen eye on continuous testing, we automatically eliminate countless hours solving problems at final project review stages. Which accelerates implementation, thereby delivering significant cost savings for our clients.

Get the Prodigy advantage by integrating Intelligent Testing into your next project.

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Whether you need the people, skills and experience, or the right digital solution to transform your organization, we’ve got the team that delivers digital results.

Digital Transformation

Embracing digital technology provides a competitive edge

Navigating the path to digital transformation can be difficult, so we work with clients at all stages of their transformation journey – from inception to delivery to ensure optimum solutions that position our clients for long-term sustained capabilities and growth.

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Associates Program

Our associates ensure your project’s success

Prodigy Labs provides senior technology professionals and project-based teams that strengthen our client team’s capabilities and capacity. Our Associates are available for short-term, long-term, or periodic assignments.

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