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As an exclusive Google Cloud Partner (GCP), we deliver the most innovative and adaptable solutions for multi-cloud platforms.

Robust, responsive,

cost-effective systems

that grow as needs change

Prodigy Labs is an exclusive Google Cloud Partner (GCP) thanks to Google Cloud’s comprehensive and dynamic options for multi-cloud platforms. This includes innovative open-source technology, edge computing, AI, and multi-cloud capabilities.

As a GCP, our experts focus solely on Google solutions designed to solve the toughest cloud challenges. This includes architects, who design the transformation process, teams to build the infrastructure and trusted partners to ensure information security during data migration. Results are implemented quickly and effectively so you never lose pace.

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Maximize performance and minimize costs with Google Cloud Enablement services

Our infrastructure, security and hosting teams deliver innovative projects and dynamic solutions.


We ask the right questions and solve the big-picture challenges, to make solutions that are flexible and adaptable. Therefore supporting long-term, exponential data growth.


As data safety and security is paramount, we always ensure the efficient migration of data to the cloud.


Our teams ensure continued operational success through a variety of hosting and migration options.

Smart solutions that grow with you

The competitive edge that Google Cloud solutions provide, ensures that big data requirements are met both today and as your organization evolves. Our teams ensure exceptional service and economical solutions while minimizing wasteful system activities. This improves financial efficiencies, drives stability and improves overall competitive advantage.

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Our extensive experience and ability to deliver innovative solutions that adapt to our client’s ever-changing needs set Prodigy apart from the competition.

Intelligent Testing

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