Prodigy Ventures Inc. acquires
FICANEX Technology Inc.

Prodigy Ventures Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of FICANEX
Technology Inc., a Canadian technology company deeply rooted in the
financial services industry and dedicated to accelerating the digitization of
finance and open banking.

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What is FICANEX Technology?

FICANEX Technology provides next-generation digital services to financial institutions across Canada, allowing them to effectively compete in the digital era.

FICANEX Technology is continuing on its journey of empowering financial services providers to accelerate innovation.

FICANEX Technology has its roots in collaboration and developed and supports the tunl. Fintech integration marketplace and open banking platform. Today, FICANEX Technology is well known for its solution and its innovative roadmap that focuses on operational efficiency and delivering an improved customer experience for financial institutions of all sizes across Canada.

A new member of the Prodigy family

FICANEX is deeply rooted in the Canadian payments industry. We take pride in knowing that our financial institutions count on us to support them as they move through the new age of banking.

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