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ISO 20022 global standards

Global interoperability has become a necessity and the adoption of the ISO 20022 standards will become mandatory. With mobile wallets, seamless digital payments solutions and services, the adoption to this new standard for Real-Time Rails, and INTERAC Instant, now is the time to make the switch to a modernized payment solution system.

Keep your organization competitive with consumer-directed finance (open banking) services and features such as real-time rails, INTERAC Instant, now is the time to make the switch to a modernized payment solution system.

$3 to $6.5

Billions per year Canadian businesses spend processing payments costs*

*Payments Canada 2018, Payments Matter Now A Visual Story Told Through Infographics, viewed February 2020, https://www.payments.ca/about-us/news/multimedia/infographic

Accelerate time-to-value with digital payment solutions

Digital payments and modernization solutions within an organization provide many benefits such as lower operational costs, automated reconciliation of AP/AR and enhanced business analytics along with providing better customer experiences.

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Your solutions and efficiencies need to be flawless.

Prodigy’s payments modernization services provide everything from a quick start package to operational and on-going staffing of customized technology solutions. Prodigy will guide you through case for change, identifying use cases, proof-of-concept, and sandbox testing to implementation and operation.

When it comes to financial transactions, there can be no errors, our strategic partnership with 20022 Labs ensures a safe pre-rollout test environment that facilitates real-world ISO 20022 testing in sandbox environments prior to launch. This safe testing environment provides peace-of-mind and ensures that solutions are bullet-proof prior to launch.

Integration comes easy with partners

Our partnerships provide integration for your new solutions and processes. Prodigy Labs’ has partnerships with companies that develop customizable solutions and adaptable processes for payments modernization.

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