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The world of digital payments is changing rapidly, and a revolution is coming.  In over 40 countries, digital payments modernization is already a reality.  That trend is quickly being adopted in North America.  Many banks, corporations, fintech, and businesses trust Prodigy Labs to deliver solutions to capitalize on the impending digital payments revolution.  Our experts are industry leaders that design, build, and deliver industry-leading digital payments solutions.  This expertise ensures that our clients are poised to capitalize on the imminent adoption of this global trend.

With mobile wallets, seamless digital payments solutions and systems, global interoperability, and the adoption of the ISO 20022 standard, these changes yield astounding cost savings and operational efficiencies for organizations at the forefront of early adoption.   With a full suite of services that include advisory, prototyping, implementation, market readiness, and market launch services, our Digital Payments team maximizes cost-saving, drastically improves efficiencies, and speeds time-to-delivery.

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Our services deliver innovative payments modernization solutions quickly and effectively.  Whether clients are new to real-time payments and ISO 20022, or already on the payments modernization journey, our team designs services that deliver results.  Our services include:


Smart, sound, effective plans for optimum innovation.


Whether modernization or implementation – get efficient transition and quantifiable ROI.

Prototyping and Market Readiness at 20022 Labs

Real-world sandbox testing environments.

Market LaunchPayment Toolkit of accelerators

Real-time payments connectivity for organizations using 3rd party solutions.

Support for our banking partners

Flexible team arrangements support corporate banking technology.

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In North America, industry leaders are quickly adopting digital payment solutions because there are significant financial savings and operational efficiencies to be had. Early adoption also ensures that organizations remain well-positioned to capitalize on these innovations ahead of their competitors. Our Digital Payments team offers a full suite of customizable services that include advisory, prototyping, implementation, market readiness, and market launch services. With experts who design, engineer, implement, test, and supports digital payments systems, Prodigy is the clear choice for innovation. Choose entire transformation packages, or individual services to customize and complete any digital payments transformation.

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