Prodigy Labs - Delivering Fintech Innovation
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Do you have projects currently on hold? This is a good time to evaluate your project’s health, in order to yield maximum value. We can help review your digital strategy, provide a readiness assessment, and implementation roadmap, to ensure you’re on track in delivering on-time when restarting your project later in the year.

Prodigy Labs - Delivering Fintech Innovation
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Prodigy Labs - Delivering Fintech Innovation


Prodigy Ventures Inc. Acquires Consulting Firm ZoftNow Inc.

"This acquisition adds capabilities in many dimensions. Key amongst these are the ability to scale project delivery, expansion of our client base and diversify risk." - Jeff Watts, Prodigy's CEO.

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Delivering Fintech Innovation

Prodigy Labs provides a comprehensive range of expertise, from advisory services through to final delivery. We apply emerging technologies to enterprise client operations to create real, sustained value in everything we do.

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Integrated solutions for process innovation.

Your organization is growing and changing quickly. Give your organization faster processes and better business value by adopting new technologies and digital assets. Customized and integrated solutions at your fingertips.

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We are proud to be a trusted partner to leading financial institutions and recognized as one of the best performing companies in North America.

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